The Four Elements

Everybody knows that there are two types of people in the world, Honest and Two-Faced. But I think there are 4 types of people in the world. Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

The 1st Element- Fire.
These are the ones who are always self-motivated. They have control on themselves. They are very talented, dominant, demanding, full of action, fun and excitement and a very strong competitor. They have a purposeful life and lead their life according to a plan. They are very strong compared to other elements. I categorized such people in Fire as they are very fierce and will burn anything that comes in their way.

The 2nd Element- Earth.
The ones who are friendly, patient, relaxed and caring come under Earth. They put others before themselves. They always have a duty towards the society, are very homeliness and go by an order. They live in “Here and Now” not “Then and There”. They work very hard to achieve their goals and are goal-oriented. Sometimes, rigid and materialistic too.

The 3rd Element- Air.
These people are expressive, light-hearted, talkative, social butterflies and in need of accomplishment and improvement. They are accurate with what they need and want. They are fun-loving, enthusiastic and can be as involved as they want to. Usually the winners of the game, unrealistic, self-promoting, silly and gullible.

The 4th Element- Water.
They leave an impression on you. They are fond of freedom. They are formal, questioning, full of excitement and approval. They do well in a team. Are good listeners, loyal, supportive, sensitive, traditional, supporters and consistent. They tend to think out of the box and are very imaginative.

The types of people you should STAY AWAY FROM-
1. The Judgmental ones.
2. The Jealous types.
3. The Control Freaks.
4. The Arrogant ones.
5. Liars.
6. Negatives.
7. Gossipers.
8. Complainers.
I’m not saying these people are bad and should never be a part of your life; they should surely host a part of your life because these are the ones from which you understand not to be like them permanently. You get to learn a lot from them. A little negativity in life won’t harm.

The types of people you NEED TO HAVE IN YOUR LIFE-
1. Givers.
2. Cheerleaders.
3. Positives.
4. Listeners.
5. Scholars.
6. Explorers.
7. The Do-It-Yourself people.
8. Dreamers.
9. Sibling.
10. Lover.
These kind of people will make you go a long way in life. They teach you a lot of things and it would be a very good thing to try and be such a person in someone else’s life.
Make sure you are always there for the person who needs you the most. Be a good listener and a good complainer too. Complain when needed and listen always.

Always remember, Beauty gets the attention but Personality gets the heart.



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