Tattoos- Shaping Mindsets

“Tattoos are like stories-they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life.”-Pamela Anderson.

“Tattoos are unprofessional.”
“You’ll regret it when you’re older.”
“How did your parents allow for such a thing?”
“You do know they are permanent right?”
“You can’t donate blood ever!”

These were the reactions of people when I first showed them my tattoo.
The people who think tattoos are unprofessional and can affect you in a bad way when you grow old are the ones who never get to experience one. I love tattoos. I have two tattoos, one on my forearm and one on my hand. I think each tattoo has a story, an opinion and reflects a lot about the person.
For example, my first tattoo is a Music Symbol. That’s because I love music and it means a lot to me. My second tattoo is a symbol of Faith, Hope and Love. A Cross, Heartbeat and a Heart. I got this because the three terms mean so much in life.

If you are about to get one, keep in mind that-
1. Start small. Tattoos are permanent so why take a chance?
2. Know your pain tolerance. Tattoos sting, depending on the place you do it.
3.Choose the place and tattoo nicely. Take your time.
4. Don’t stress. Tattoo artists always say that they’ve seen people cry due to pain. It all depends on how well you take it.
5. Talk. Try to distract yourself from the pain. Ask questions to the artist or take a buddy along.
6. If it feels right, do it. If not, you might wanna wait and consider your options again.
7. People are going to judge you. So be ready.

How people react-
“So how will you cover that tattoo when you have to go for an event?” Of course I wont hide it. It’s a part of me.
“It’s very pretty, but do you regret it?” Why will I regret something that I chose to do?
“Do you worry about getting a job? I mean, aren’t they unprofessional?” Well, I’ll tell you whats unprofessional. Unprofessional is letting an employee down on superficial reasons and not their skill level.
“Ew! That’s crazy.” Thanks, but shut the hell up.

Well, people will react in a very unexpected way towards your tattoos; but make sure that once you’ve done it, don’t regret it. And tattoos and piercings have shaped mindsets in a very bad way. People concentrate only on their disadvantages and ask you stupid questions, don’t be ashamed of it. Answer proudly. You inked yourself with so much of courage, now deal with it. It’s a part of your body and be proud of it.


Tattooing can be considered a permanent and slightly painful art form or a senseless ink stain. Everyone has their own opinion about teens getting tattoos but at the end of the day the opinion that really matters is the teens because they are the ones that are going to have to live with their tattoo for the rest of their life.

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