Bizarre List

There are so many things we want to do before we die. Or maybe not before we die, we just want to experience specific things that are out of our reach.We don’t tell anyone these wishes because they are bizarre. Because they are weird and out of this world, or because we think what will … More Bizarre List

Being Labeled

I have tattoos, so I’m a trouble maker. I have curves, so I’m fat. If i wear makeup, I’m fake. If I say what I think, I’m a bitch. If have many guy friends, I’m a slut. If I cry sometimes, I’m a drama queen. Seems like you can’t do anything in this world without … More Being Labeled

Giving You Up

Not every relationship is meant to stay. If love was this easy, we would’ve ended up with the first one who came by. It doesn’t necessarily matter how many girls/guys who’ve dated. You maybe will never get over him/her. You will tell your friends that he/she was a “big mistake” and they might even believe … More Giving You Up