Comfortable in your Own Skin

Girls want to be like a girl with amazing legs and a flat stomach. Or the guys might want to be a guy with a perfect body and amazing bike riding skills. But you do know that no one is perfect right? Maybe the girl with the fine legs treats people like shit? Or maybe the guy with the amazing aura beats his girlfriend?

So many women struggle with feeling comfortable in their own skin. Yet, the longest relationship that we will ever have is the one with ourselves. Agree? But we still compare ourselves with almost everyone we see. Be it in a good way or bad way, we anyways are insulting ourselves. If you’re so sick of other people being kinda-perfect, why don’t you change yourself then?
You are your biggest priority! Period.
Concentrate on yourself. So what if you’re not as slim and sexy like other girls? What if you aren’t as smart and intelligent like the topper in your class? There might be something that they are bad at and you are good at.

Remember, there is someone facing a worse situation than you, and always will be. There might be someone who is in a life and death situation. There might be someone who is trapped with an abusive partner and waiting the suffering to end. And all you are worried about is your love handles and her flat stomach? There are so many things that matter way more than your physique or your grades. There is life, death, ambitions, war, intellect and much more. If you are unable to accept this then try and be comfortable in your own skin.
The ways to do that-
1. No comparison. The first and foremost point is to NOT COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS and demotivate yourself.
2. Change. If you decide to join a gym then DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Not to be on the cover of Vogue or flaunt your body and make others jealous.
3. Shift your beliefs. Your beliefs are determining EVERYTHING YOU EXPERIENCE IS REALITY.
4. Dream loudly. Stop limiting yourself according to what seems practical.We need men who can DREAM OF THINGS THAT NEVER WERE.
5. Live passionately. Once you’ve done the self-examination work to uncover your most delicious desires, HURL YOURSELF RECKLESSLY IN THEIR DIRECTION!

Be happy the way you are. Be what you are and not what the world wants you to be. You’re beautiful. God doesn’t make mistakes.
Calm down. Take a deep breath. Accept reality and change accordingly.

When you are comfortable in your own skin, you can be at peace everywhere.



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