In Sickness and In Health

Marriage is a small word but means a lot. We all have imagined how our marriage would be. We are all excited about the turn of events. But do you know that after marriage, it isn’t just about you and your partner? Or just the sex? Or “finally I’m going to wake up next to you for the rest of my life!” phase?
Its about thinking of the future. Its about cuddling. Its about “finally I’m going to sleep next to you for the rest of my life!” phase.
Its about how hard will it be to stay in a house with just one person and let him/her annoy you for the rest of your lives? Its about instead of fighting each day for 3 years, how much do you still want to be in each others life? Its about support, love and happiness.

Here are some Real Wedding Vows you need to know and obey to-

  1. “I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love.
    I will always be honest with you, kind, patient and forgiving.
    I promise to try to be on time.
    But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you.
    I love you.”
  2. “You are my lover and my teacher,
    You are my model and my accomplice,
    And you are my true counterpart.
    I will love you, hold you and honor you,
    I will respect you, encourage you and cherish you,
    In health and sickness,
    Through sorrow and success,
    For all the days of my life.”
  3. “On this day,
    I give you my heart,
    My promise,
    That I will walk with you,
    Hand in hand,
    Wherever our journey leads us,
    Living, learning, loving,
  4. “You have been my best friend, mentor, playmate, confidant and my greatest challenge. But most importantly, you are the love of my life and you make me happier than I could ever imagine and more loved than I ever thought possible…. You have made me a better person, as our love for one another is reflected in the way I live my life. So I am truly blessed to be a part of your life, which as of today becomes our life together.”

Here are some things that people won’t tell you about marriage-

  1. You will look at the person lying next to you and wonder, Is this it? Forever?
  2. You’ll work harder than you imagine.
  3. You’ll sometimes go to bed mad or maybe wake up even madder.
  4. You’ll not have sex. And that’s okay.
  5. A great marriage doesn’t mean the one without conflict. It simply means a couple keeps trying to do it right.

Hey! Don’t freak out.The longest recorded marriage lasted 91 years and 12 days. I hope you can at least try and do 50 years? Remember, the person you are with loves you and you him/her back 1000 times more. Don’t give up on him/her. You try to calm yourself down and then your partner. Happy Marriage!788594944.jpg


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