Reinventing Yourself

Changing yourself is the most difficult yet the most important aspect of life. A good way change is a nice thing. But not bad way change.

You can change in different ways.

1. Personality and Brain-

Having good personality changes, balanced brain activities, balanced mind, balanced mood are GOOD for you. But flaunting or going where everyone is going is not the right way. Build your own personality. You are something and show it to the world.

Don’t overthink. Don’t get into details so much. Don’t try to run your mind too much. Don’t try to fall for someone too soon. All this, change in a GOOD way. I don’t mean it the bitchy way, but the really nice way. Don’t over-judge. Don’t try to push your ego too much. Try to be yourself.!

2. Plan everything out calmly-

Don’t rush into things and future instantly. Try to re-think your goals. Get a Planner. Write down your goals and paste it somewhere you can see it daily. That’s how it will stay focused in that small brain of yours.
Take your time.
Don’t fall in love and then start planning out your future family.
Never be over confident about your personality and the talents you have, there is always someone better than you and someone worse than you outside.

3. Improve your thinking-

Think positively.
Improve the way you think about your future.
Gain confidence and learn to love the person you are.
Learn to b more grateful for things you have instead of focusing the things you want.

4. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind-

Needn’t say anything more.

5. Read and Write-

If you don’t read, you won’t be able to gain knowledge and work to become your best self. Anything you read, as long as it comes from a credible source, will help you build knowledge and become a more well-rounded person.
Get your frustration, happiness, sadness, anger and other emotions on a blank page and I assure you, you will never be disappointed.

Have patience. You can’t reinvent yourself overnight, no matter how hard you try.

Every new thing takes time to get used to.and will feel strange but don’t run from the strangeness. Embrace it.

But one harsh truth, Accept Failure.
Along the way you have to accept that you’re going to fail. Embrace it. Learn from it. And keep moving forward. Because you can do this.



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