The Sound of Silence

Being silent can be judged in different ways by different people around you.
“You might be angry or sad that’s why you stay quiet.”
“Did you have a breakup?”
“Are you overthinking again?”
“Is it your habit being this quiet or are you just shy?”

These are questions from me. To you. Why are you so quiet? Okay, even if you are then turn into something useful.

    Most of us engage in listening only as a way of waiting until it’s our turn to speak. If you can’t resist thinking about what you want to say when listening, focus instead specifically on being silent. Listen carefully to everything around you.
    You’ll be surprised how much your ability to concentrate will improve.
    If you employ silence to listen carefully to not only what people say but how they say it, you’ll find they’ll give themselves away to you constantly and enable you to understand their character far sooner than you would be able to otherwise.
    People will know that you notice/understand them better than the others and hence, they’ll repay you with the same or just open their hearts in front of you.
    Silence is a terrific substitute for self-control, not only creating its appearance, but over time and with practice its substance as well. You will involuntarily become silent when something heartbreaking strikes you, which is way better than shouting to the people in front of you. Sometimes this can backfire, don’t end up overthinking.
    When facing a new challenge, making silence your first response gives you a chance to reflect before you speak, increasing the likelihood that what you say and do will be on target, intelligent, and useful. If you resist the urge to leap into action at the first moment a problem arises, the problem often fixes itself.

Staying silent has its own disadvantages too. You might as well hear them out.

If you’re anything like me, the over-thinking depressed type, then staying quiet will kind off become a habit. You will tend to be quiet even if nothing is wrong with you. That’s when you self-control should kick in. Have control over your mind and don’t let it control your actions. When you are happy yet just quiet, you will tend to listen carefully. When you listen and notice, people will open up. After all, everybody needs an ear to speak to. This will eventually result in wisdom which will happen when you notice small details and analyze stuff around you.

And you are left speechless one day, and have no one to talk to, I’m here. And will always be.



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