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A different kind of TABOO

Feelings fuck us up don't they? Any type of attachment just crushes us till the core. Some last though.  There are times where we just want to let go. Leave everything and run. You can't cry because parents have always taught you not to cry. Be strong. But what if I don't want to be… Continue reading A different kind of TABOO

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Caught Up in my Own Selfishness

*All the posts from now on will probably be relate-able to songs.* This thought-for-this-piece-of-writing came from The One. One line that caught my attention instantly was 'Got caught up in my own selfishness' which comes in the second paragraph maybe. So anyways, I don't know what actually hit me up when I heard this song… Continue reading Caught Up in my Own Selfishness



Staying in a relationship doesn't mean that you just want to be in it. It means that you willingly put yourself in a relationship where you want to stay LOYAL.  To me, I think loyalty is more than just not sleeping with other people. It’s being involved in keeping the relationship going and showing more… Continue reading Loyalty