Caught Up in my Own Selfishness

*All the posts from now on will probably be relate-able to songs.*

This thought-for-this-piece-of-writing came from The One.
One line that caught my attention instantly was ‘Got caught up in my own selfishness’ which comes in the second paragraph maybe.

So anyways, I don’t know what actually hit me up when I heard this song but the fact that, we all are selfish. We all have that tiny little part in my brains where ‘I matters most’ has taken place. We all have egos. What is different are the level of egos we have. There are individuals who have big, noisy egos while others have quiet egos.

Knowingly and unknowingly we all have made a decision where we only think about ourselves. Knowing something is bad for us, staying away because spare yourself the pain. Or unknowingly hurting someone, so again we would be spared the pain.

Ego is the feeling that makes us feel superior to others, but it also drives us to seek approval. The ego is important and can be helpful in order to protect self-image and create our own self-concepts. But I don’t think this is about egos or self-respect, it’s about this feeling of I-know-I’m-not-good-for-her/him-so-I’ll-probably-stay-far-from-her/him.

So maybe sometimes. We become good human beings, thinking about others. Maybe it’s not just about us. We care. That’s why we spare both the pain. Us and Them.

A part of us knows that this distance is painful, hard and heartbreaking. But yet. It’s for the good of us and them.

A part of us knows that it’s not meant to be. A part of us know what it’s like to go through that pain. But it’s for the betterment of our relationship which may or may not flourish.

A part of us knows that we will have to handle heartbreaking situations, the I don’t know situations but whatever it might, we’ll get out of it strongly and without hard feelings.

So somehow, we all might end up somewhere near the things I’m talking about right now and that time, some say: Give time; It’s okay; If it’s meant to be, it’ll be; Just let it go, forget about it; etc, etc.
BUT don’t forget, whatever you might do, stay strong. It’s gonna be hard, very hard; so just stay strong! Because if you gave someone pain and hurt someone, karma comes back. So be ready for it. Be ready to face the situation that come in ahead of you. You” get out of it somehow, by either letting it go, or maybe getting out of it, or maybe just staying and growing through the pain. 


*All the posts from now on will probably be relate-able to songs.*


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