Let It Go

*All the posts from now on will probably be relate-able to songs. See tags below.*

This song is from the movie Step Up 2- The Streets. One of the best movie from the series, well all of them are amazing.

The best lines of the song that caught my attention:
I know that
I can’t let
All the fear inside take over me
Gotta take control of what’s in front of me

1,2 can’t nobody hold me
3,4 drop it to the floor
5,6 make your body twist
Let it go like this
Let it go like this

Well, this movie is all about fighting for what you deserve and fighting till you don’t find it. I guess that’s what LIFE is about. Nothing can defeat you if you have the motivation and strength to achieve what you want.

These lyrics just touch my soul, like literally. I feel motivated, inspired, full of strength and an adrenaline rush shakes up my whole body. Urges my body to dance and my soul to fight for what I want. Be it peace, solving relationships, or even an InstaX Mini8. I want it, I’ll get it. I’ll do all my efforts to the fullest. I won’t give up this easily. You might see me doing nothing, but there’s a storm raging inside, which is invisible to the naked eye. But only if you ask, you’ll understand my vibe.

There will be days when you’ll feel EMPTY.
Feeling empty related to relationships, you don’t know where it’s going and you don’t know what to do. You’re not sad, or happy, just unsure about your own feelings. Confused, have nowhere to go, but trust me. It’ll be okay only if you want it to be. You have to do efforts even if the person in front of you isn’t. You will have to get up even if your other half has gave up. Because you know better. You’ve been through it and I’m not saying you’re done, YOU’RE NOT! YOU START NOW!


This is life. Its yours. Give up or get up, your choice. But make sure you learn.
Either you start, or you let it go. Let go of the feelings, let go of the attachment, let go of the grave. Just let it and watch what happens. But if you want to change, then you gotta take the first step!b8b54bb97d073c51f51ffca9897147b8

*All the posts from now on will probably be relate-able to songs. See tags below.*


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