Wild Things!

*This is probably the last song-post. Check tags below.*

So well, we all have that wild side of ours which we want no-one or maybe only some selected people to know about but however, its still there.

It might be singing on the top of your not-so-good voice or maybe dancing really weirdly or maybe smoking (something) or whatever. The point is you CHERISH this wild thing. Its yours and you got to flaunt it with confidence. Its a part of you and you shouldn’t be afraid to show it to the world. Ovbiously people will make comments, the hell with it.

Honestly, I really don’t care what people say, unless it’s my friends passing non-relevant comments and telling me what’s right and wrong, I dont listen to them anyways. You know why? Because I never tell someone what to do unless its required. Unless its important for their well-being. But only regarding relationships. I never tell my friends what to do with their lives, because its theirs and they have the whole right to be the way they are. I appreciate whatever manic behaviour people do in front of me cause trust me, I’m way crazy too. I get too comfortable with my friends and act like a retard too. Why? BECAUSE ITS FUN TO LET YOURSELF FREE.

This song is all about not caring what people think and just being you.

Let you hair down and go berserk. Its okay. No ones commenting or judging you, even if they are, that’s their problem not yours.

So go on, sing that song in your most stupid voice. Dance to the beats like no one is watching. Because where is the fun in being so reserved and isolated?!

BE FREE. It’s your right and keep doing it and fuck the world for judgemental people.

images (2).jpg

*This is probably the last song-post. Check tags below.*


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