The Two-AM Kiss.

Love is weird. It makes you stronger and weaker at the same point. You fall hard for someone when love wasn’t what you were looking for. Indeed its true. You DO fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected times (yea, i feel you).

When you think its not gonna work thats when it DOES. When all you want is to NOT be with the one you love, you still find yourself in his arms. No matter what. Both of you won’t let go. And thats what matters.

No matter how hard it might be staying away from each other, both of you KNOW you’re going to end up together. Both of you know, it’s going to be okay. Both of you know you’re not happy without each other. Pretending, thats all.

And when this ‘BOTH IF YOU KNOW‘, love happens. Indeed. The most unexpected person at the most unexpected times.

No matter how hard it is to forget him, you find yourself curled up in bed with a wet pillow rewinding all the precious and beautiful memories you both have shared. No matter how much time it takes for a comeback, you know you won’t be able to live without him if situations tear you apart again. You know theres gonna be a war between i’m-ignoring-you and oh-there-he-is-again.

But, theres always a ‘BUT‘.

It’s not always the situations, it might be you or him. The clichè ‘its-not-you-its-me’. 

Its not always him. The ‘I-never-wanted-to-hurt-you’. Some people just geninuely don’t want to hurt you.

It could be you too. The ‘omg-i-saw-this-coming’. If you did, why didn’t you back out before this tiny heartbreak of yours that you caused YOURSELF?! Its okay. Try to understand your reasons as well as theirs.

But (well),

Some unexpected memories happen. Have faith in your relationship. Keep going. Give your 100% and if he/she leaves you, not your problem, theirs. Calm down. Love isn’t finished yet. It has its own ways. It has its own karma.

Love is weird.

Go on, explore it.

Go on, find that somebody and make it happen. Stay loyal. Stay committed. And stay happy. Appreciate. Motivate. And never lose faith. It’ll be okay. It always does. 

images (1).jpg

P.S. Nothing is ever more romantic than midnight kisses. I look forward for more with him. Go, find yours. 



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