A conversation with SOCIETY


Society: Hi friend. How are you? 

Me: I’m okay. Why are you asking? 

Society: No just. Wanted to know something about you because you entered your adult life. 

Me: Okay. So how does this work?

Society: We’re going judge you from the first time you wakeup im the morning till the time you are on your deathbed. *Well after that too probably*

Me: Really?


Society: Yes. Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t be doing, okay?


1. No smoking, drinking ANYTHING. Health issues but since you’re a girl, doesn’t look good on you. 

2. No short clothes. You look good but guys get turned on. So a big NO.

3. No crying. It’s okay to let go sometimes, but whats wrong in pretending to be okay?

4. No sex. You’ll get your time. So no sex. No unwanted pregnancies so no single moms and that’s bad okay? You have to have a husband COMPLUSORY. 

5. And have a husband. No WIFE. YOU GET ME?

This is just a brief, you’ll get to know more when you grow day by day.  


Me: Why should I do all this? It’s my life. And I want to get on with it in my style.

Society: Baby no. Listen it’s not your style that’s the problem. It’s the way you think. Differently. Which is not allowed. We all should think same. No uniqueness.

Me: Are you fucking with me?

Society: Hey! Mind your language girl, you shouldn’t swear. 

Me: Really? Why shouldn’t I? And why is that guy over there allowed to do it but now me?

Society: Because he’s a BOY. He can do whatever he wants. Sorry child. 



Me: *Does an interesting job I’m happy at . Lives alone. No stable relationships for a while and then settles. Smokes. Drinks. Eats peacefully and shamelessly. Wears whatever I like. Goes out whenever I want. Does good deeds. LIVES LIFE MY STYLE!*

Society: *Criticizes your each and every move. Leaves you alone in tough situations. Never tried to love you. Hates you.*


Me: *Lives in a house with only my husband. Trying our best to continue our hot sex life. Smokes joints whenever we like. Has dogs, turtles and only love on the brain.* 



Do whatever you like. Everyone is going to judge you. You might as well work for yourself and earn for yourself rather than being a society pleaser. People hate. People love. Don’t waste your time on them. Concentrate on your happiness and goals. Don’t let it turn into EGO. Self-respect is different. Stay humble. Stay kind. Stay blessed. Fall in love with anyone and anywhere and believe in it. Do your own little efforts. Have a safe and sexy sex life. Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Explore. Go on adventures. With life. 


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