A different kind of TABOO

Feelings fuck us up don’t they? Any type of attachment just crushes us till the core. Some last though. 
There are times where we just want to let go. Leave everything and run. You can’t cry because parents have always taught you not to cry. Be strong. But what if I don’t want to be strong? I just want to leave. Leave somewhere my thoughts won’t bother me. Leave somewhere more peaceful. Just leave. Where there’s no pain. No feelings. No disturbance. Peace. But you still can’t cry. Just no. 

It’s not taboo. But just something more rare and deep, way scaring than tattoos. We aren’t expected to break down. We have to be strong. Why? Because we have to get back on track. Can’t just let go. We need to be strong because this is LIFE. 


Struggles are taboo. They are important to keep you updated on what’s happening. Crying is taboo. It’s something we aren’t expected to do. But it’s necessary. It tells you how you feel. It’s okay to cry. At a stretch of days? It’s okay. 

This is it. It’s going to come around. Life. Struggles and hardships. Crying and every pain. It’s going to come back. Make sure you have your boxing gloves on. 

Play with life. 

Fight with it. 

Live it. 


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