We all have been in love. We all have been in a one-sided relationship once in our lifetime. So I guess we all know how it feels. How it feels to be not-loved, to be not accepted and to be left alone when all you need is that one person. 

Love isn’t always good. It won’t always be so charming and like all those ‘relationship goals’ pictures you see on social media. It won’t always start with a very amazing and breathtaking proposal and won’t always end with an overwhelming ‘marry me’. It might be just a normal phone call proposal or a normal ‘marry me’ card. 

Every relationship is different. You need to learn that you won’t always get the best. You might get the worst but you need to still find something good in that worthless relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Every person is different, charming and annoying in their own way.

Don’t find your previous relationship in the new one. Don’t find your ex in your present. It’s not only insulting for the guy/girl but for you as well. It just means that you still haven’t moved on from your previous relationship. The moment you stop finding your ex in your present, is the time you finally got over him/her.

What happens when your relationship you had your all hopes on, doesn’t work out?! You grow or you die in the memories of that person. Whatever you do, it’s your decision. Don’t let anyone alter it. Don’t let anyone influence you. It was your relationship and it was your (good/bad) decision to let that person come in your life and ruin it this way. You will still be able to find something good in that person’s actions. Don’t let anyone change your opinion about them. Believe in what you feel. And hope for a better future for both of you, together or separate. 


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