I thought I was irreplaceable. 

I thought we were meant to be. 

I thought it was forever. 

I thought it was right. 

Little did I know I was wrong this whole time. It hurts so much I can’t begin to explain. 

I thought you were the one. 

I thought I made the right choice. 

I was wrong all this time. I was wrong. No didn’t seem to be so bad before. Now it just hurts so bad. It’s all wrong. 

I can’t imagine another girl with him. I can’t imagine him being with another girl all the time, touching, hugging, kissing, talking. 

Possessive am i? Who cares anyways. No body is willing to stay in a relationship this serious. No body is willing to put so many efforts in keeping the other person happy. No body wants this deep, passionate love.

It’s all fake. I believed all of his lies. I tried my best and gave my 100% for him, to him, within him. 

It’s gone now. He’s gone. Isn’t coming back. Doesn’t hurt more than watching him being with someone else. 

Hope sucks. Expectations suck. Love sucks. I took it too seriously. My bad I guess. This was all my fault. I didnt expect ending up like this. But I did. 

I won’t anymore. I won’t love. I won’t get serious anymore. 

I’m done. 


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