Hi. Ill start up with the normal introduction.
My name is Vani Duggal. I’m from India. I love writing, reading, talking about thoughts, playing with dogs, singing, dancing and much more. I’m up for a career in Mass Communication because I love gathering information from different kinds of human beings. They teach you a lot about yourself. Sometimes, a lecture about life from a friend is all you need.
I read a lot of books and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about people and my surroundings from books. I also interact with a lot of people and that is how I’ve known most of the world. I wanted to spread my knowledge, so I thought of giving this a try.
A Blog!
Years To Come is all about YOU. Your inner thoughts. The deep voice inside you that confuses you while making decisions. Your worst nightmares and beautiful days. It’s all about you.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, find your answers and if you do, please share it.

You can find this blog on Facebook (Years to come), Instagram(@yearstolookfor).
You can also ping me personally on Facebook (Vani Duggal), Instagram (@shadoww_kissed__) and Snapchat (duggal.vani97).

Thank you.


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