We all have been in love. We all have been in a one-sided relationship once in our lifetime. So I guess we all know how it feels. How it feels to be not-loved, to be not accepted and to be left alone when all you need is that one person.  Love isn’t always good. It … More Acceptance

The Two-AM Kiss.

Love is weird. It makes you stronger and weaker at the same point. You fall hard for someone when love wasn’t what you were looking for. Indeed its true. You DO fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected times (yea, i feel you). When you think its not gonna work … More The Two-AM Kiss.


*All the posts from now on will probably be relate-able to songs. See tags below.* Okay, so THIS IS MY ALL-TIME-FAVORITE SONG! The whole song is amazing. It’s unreal. It’s insane! It gives me a dangerous, mysterious kind of vibe. Like seriously, is there a love this bad yet so good? The lines that I … More BAD THINGS


Staying in a relationship doesn’t mean that you just want to be in it. It means that you willingly put yourself in a relationship where you want to stay LOYAL.  To me, I think loyalty is more than just not sleeping with other people. It’s being involved in keeping the relationship going and showing more … More Loyalty

Giving You Up

Not every relationship is meant to stay. If love was this easy, we would’ve ended up with the first one who came by. It doesn’t necessarily matter how many girls/guys who’ve dated. You maybe will never get over him/her. You will tell your friends that he/she was a “big mistake” and they might even believe … More Giving You Up