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Hello. I’m Vani Duggal, the writer of all the blogs, apparently.

I’m a very deep thoughtful person. A little depressed at times too. But somehow I find my strength lying on this laptop screen. This blog gives me immense happiness, a whole lot of different positive thinking and smiles, specially when I check out my Stats.

What I would love to do is to answer your questions. You want to talk one on one or you have suggestions to make, feel free to disturb me at any hour. I also accept Post On Demand. I can write on your favorite topic too.
You can DM me on my official Instagram account Yearstolookfor. You can also add me on Snapchat- duggal.vani97 (Vani) and Facebook- Vani Duggal.

Thanks for devoting your precious time for reading my blogs and I hope they help you in a way or other.

Have a nice day 😉